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ICE Cooler Box | Clear Marble On the Rocks

Sale price€150.00

The Ice cooler box is a new addition to our Entertainment collection.

Decorative yet practical ice bucket complete with grabbing tongs, creating the ultimate entertaining accessory. Simply fill with crushed or cubed ice which sit on a punched interior surface in order for the melting ice to drain. 

Fantastic for anyone who loves to enjoy their favourite drinks, creating a modern and stylish bar item in your own home. A petite size, perfect for smaller groups as well as large parties.

Great gift idea for a keen entertainer or a simple accessory when hosting a dinner party both indoors and outdoors.

Like all our Plexiglas® products it is handmade of exceptional quality which makes it durable and aesthetically desirable. 

  • Dimensions | 17 x 17 x 21cm
  • Material | 100% Plexiglas®
  • Details | Clear cooler box with printed base & clear lid 
  • Technique | Cut out interior draining surface & wording "On the rocks" 

Ideal gift for: Home - Yacht - Summer home

Available in different colours

"MAKE IT YOURS" Service  | Complete this product with a personal touch. Add initials, or different wording. 

Made in Greece with Love