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ALICIA Tray |  Geometric Evil Eye
ANESA Tray | Happiness Shine
ANESA Tray | Happiness Shine Sale price€90.00

2 colors available

TIVO Box | Black Silver Control ItTIVO Box | Black Silver Control It
COSIER Multibox Small | Geometric Evil EyeCOSIER Multibox Small | Geometric Evil Eye
BUZZ Box | Grey filter Evil EyeBUZZ Box | Grey filter Evil Eye
CAPRICE Coaster set | BlackCAPRICE Coaster set | Black
CAPRICE Coaster set | Black Sale price€65.00
WISH Press Papier | Evil EyeWISH Press Papier | Evil Eye
WISH Press Papier | Evil Eye Sale price€45.00
ANESA Tray | Home Sweet Home Shine
COOL Wine Cooler | CheersCOOL Wine Cooler | Cheers
COOL Wine Cooler | Cheers Sale price€180.00
BOOKEND | Evil EyeBOOKEND | Evil Eye
BOOKEND | Evil Eye Sale price€80.00
COSI Multibox Small | Silver Clover
CAPRICE Coaster set | Metallic GreyCAPRICE Coaster set | Metallic Grey
LIBI Tray | Black Silver Letters & KeysLIBI Tray | Black Silver Letters & Keys
ALICIA Tray | Geometric Drinks Friends PartiesALICIA Tray | Geometric Drinks Friends Parties
LASH Box | Leopard GlassesLASH Box | Leopard Glasses
LASH Box | Leopard Glasses Sale price€190.00
ALICIA Tray | Marble CoralALICIA Tray | Marble Coral
ALICIA Tray | Marble Coral Sale price€190.00
LASH Box | Striped Glasses
LASH Box | Striped Glasses Sale price€170.00
DORETE Tray | Pixel CloverDORETE Tray | Pixel Clover
DORETE Tray | Pixel Clover Sale price€85.00
ANESA Tray Set | His & Hers
ANESA Tray Set | His & Hers Sale price€180.00
LASH Mini Box | Pixel Effect Glasses
ANESA Tray Set | Mr Right & Mrs Always Right
ALICIA Tray |  Chevron Evil Eye
ALICIA Tray | Chevron Evil Eye Sale price€190.00
LASH Box | Black White Spikes GlassesLASH Box | Black White Spikes Glasses
ALICIA Tray |  Spikes Grey Evil EyeALICIA Tray |  Spikes Grey Evil Eye
CASINO Box | Card SuitsCASINO Box | Card Suits
CASINO Box | Card Suits Sale price€75.00
HAMILTON Box | Biriba RocksHAMILTON Box | Biriba Rocks
HAMILTON Box | Biriba Rocks Sale price€120.00
PLAYER Box | Card SuitsPLAYER Box | Card Suits
PLAYER Box | Card Suits Sale price€75.00
WISH Press Papier | HeartWISH Press Papier | Heart
WISH Press Papier | Heart Sale price€45.00
TRIP Tray | Good LuckTRIP Tray | Good Luck
TRIP Tray | Good Luck Sale price€35.00
TRIP Tray | Great Teacher
TRIP Tray | Great Teacher Sale price€35.00
TRIP Tray | Home Sweet HomeTRIP Tray | Home Sweet Home
TRIP Tray | Home Sweet Home Sale price€35.00
TRIP Tray | Love DeeplyTRIP Tray | Love Deeply
TRIP Tray | Love Deeply Sale price€35.00
TRIP Tray | Good VibesTRIP Tray | Good Vibes
TRIP Tray | Good Vibes Sale price€35.00
LASH Mini Box | White Black Spikes GlassesLASH Mini Box | White Black Spikes Glasses
WISH Press Papier | CloverWISH Press Papier | Clover
WISH Press Papier | Clover Sale price€45.00
DORETE Tray |  Bronze Spikes Dark Grey CloverDORETE Tray |  Bronze Spikes Dark Grey Clover
ANESA Tray | Home Sweet Home Script

2 colors available

ALBA Serving Tray | Marble Star
ALICIA Tray | Marble Star Drinks Friends Parties
DORETE Tray |  Black White "The Best is Yet to Come"
Domino Box | MirrorDomino Box | Mirror
Domino Box | Mirror Sale price€130.00
TRIPLE SET Trays | SushiTRIPLE SET Trays | Sushi
TRIPLE SET Trays | Sushi Sale price€160.00
CAPRICE Coaster set | Black Marble WishesCAPRICE Coaster set | Black Marble Wishes
ALBA Serving Tray | Black Marble Evil Eye
DORETE Tray |  Silver White "The Best is Yet to Come"
TRIP Tray | Good Vibes BlackTRIP Tray | Good Vibes Black
TRIP Tray | Good Vibes Black Sale price€35.00
ALBA Serving Tray | Spikes Evil EyeALBA Serving Tray | Spikes Evil Eye
COSIER Multibox Small | Evil Eyebox Evil Eye  Plexiglas