Customer Care

All the materials we source worldwide at KOKU Concept are selected for their high quality nature.

A selection of Plexiglas®, printed fabrics, ceramics and wood are used to craft the objects of our interior collection.

Plexiglas® is a delicate material. To keep your product’s shiny look you can use a soft cloth & a non-alcohol based cleaning product. Our Plexiglas® motifs are laser cut and may have sharp corners, so take care when wearing your accessories with delicate materials.

For wood, dry dusting is the best cleaning method. You may use a slightly damp cloth if needed. Avoid the use of any alcohol based cleaning product.

All our ceramics are coated, which makes them more durable in use. Hand wash with a soft cloth and keep away from sharp metal objects that may permanently scratch your product.

The fabrics we use and bright and have interesting textures. Most materials are delicate and be aware that occasionally some colour transfer may occur if rubbed continiously. Direct sunlight may cause the colour to slightly fade.


Repairs Service

We want our products to always look their best, therefore we offer a Repairs Service for most items of our collection.

Please email some images of your product, and the repair required to so that our repair team can assess it and let you know how best to proceed.

Depending on the repair needed we may need to charge you a repair fee – in any case, you will be informed in advance.

Please be aware that repairs can take 3 to 4 weeks to complete, but we will always try to have them back to you as soon as possible.