CORK Box | Wine memories


The ‘CORK’ box is a fun product to have at home for wine collector lovers. They can store all the corks from the wines they have drunk and loved. Nice memorabilia present. Add a touch of personality to your home bar with this fun item. 

Like all our Plexiglas® products it is made of exceptional quality which makes it durable and aesthetically desirable.
To keep the product’s shiny look a soft cloth & non- alcoholic based cleaning product is recommended

BESPOKE SERVICE: Complete this gift with a personalised touch. Make it yours by adding a couple's initials or a yacht's name on the lid or the handle.

IDEAL GIFT FOR: Home, Yacht, Summer home

  • Size: 20x35x12cm
  • Handmade in Greece
  • Wood box with mirror and clear parts
  • Printed wording 
  • 100% Wood & Plexiglas®
  • Gift wrapping available

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