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Candle Pot | Red Light my Fire

Sale price€55.00

The Candle Pot | Red Light my Fire is the perfect gift for your special someone! We love working with talented designers like Lieon and creating unique connections. These candle pots are carefully crafted by hand in limited batches on the stunning island of Lemnos. Our designs are influenced by our home and collection of accessories, resulting in charming shapes and vibrant colors. Crafted from eco-friendly water-based acrylic resin, our candle pots with lids are both safe and environmentally-friendly. Our soy wax candles are hand-poured, chemical-free, and have a burn time of approximately 35 hours. When you're done, you can repurpose these pots as a lovely home for flowers or as a container.

We have included in our offering the following 4 fragrances which are all unique and will meet different tastes.

Baby pounder – white jasmine – Nordic woods – cinnamon & orange

  • Dimensions | Pot: 9 x 10cm
  • Material | Acrylic Resin & 100% Soy Wax, 100% Plexiglas®
  • Details | Candle pot with lid in different colours | Lid: Red mirror Light my Fire

This candle pot is perfect for any home entrance, guest bathroom or your living room.

Product available in different colour combinations

Made in Greece with Love