URBAN Large Tote bag | Naked Brick Waterlilly

€100 €185

The URBAN Large Tote Bag in Naked Brick Waterlilly is your go-to sidekick for all your stylish, organized adventures. It's roomy enough to fit the whole family's essentials and more - plus, it's got a pocket for your phone and coinage! Best of all, you can fold it down flat for easy travel, making it a lifesaver for those impromptu getaways. So hit the road in style and be prepared - URBAN's Tote will have your back!

  • Dimensions | 47 x 14 x 28cm
  • Fabric | 5%PL 15% PL REC 34%PP 36%PP REC 100% VEGAN
  • Details | Beige Woven Handles
  • Motif | Hand stitched printed laser cut Plexiglas®
  • Waterproof Lining 

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