URBAN Large Tote bag | Blue Heart Flamingo

€100 €165

The 'URBAN' large tote bag Blue Heart Flamingo is a great sized bag. It's size has been purposly chosen in order to fit the whole family's essentials on a daily basis pr when on holiday or at the beach. The interior is lined with waterproof fabric for worry free storage and has a good sized pocket for your loose money and mobile phone. The structure is soft so it can be flat packed ina suitcase when travelling. The bag has as a closure component, a round nickel magnet.

  • Dimensions | 47 x 14 x 28cm
  • Fabric | 45%CO 45%PL 10%PA
  • Details | Light Blue Woven Handles
  • Motif | Hand stitched printed laser cut Plexiglas®
  • Waterproof Lining 

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