MELISSA Pouch | Black Glitter Evil Eye

€50 €70

Bring along the "MELISSA" Black Glitter Evil Eye Pouch for all your great (and not-so-great) escapades! It's big, fashionable, and waterproof AF with a clear pocket to keep your stuff safe, plus it sports a blue heart pineapple pattern and a raffia-fringed zip of wild colors. It'll even lay flat when not in use, so you can dazzle and dash wherever you roam!

  • Dimensions | 25 x 7 x 17cm
  • Fabric | 3%OF 5%PM 12%PC 35%PL 45%CO
  • Details | White/Silver Zip with PVC Puller & black raffia fringe
  • Motif | Hand stitched laser cut Plexiglas®
  • Waterproof interior

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