BIBI Multibox | Clear Evil Eye

BIBI Multibox | Clear Evil Eye


Size | 20 X 20 X 15cm
Details | Clear Multibox with Black Base 100% Plexiglas®
Gold Mirror Motif Handle

The BIBI multibox is our ultimate multipurpose product.
Like all our Plexiglas® products it is made of exceptional quality which makes it durable and aesthetically desirable.


The BIBI multibox is a multipurpose product.
It has a very functional use with the 4 separate compartments.
You can use it a kitchen or to present cutlery on a buffet.
We also suggest you use it in the guest bathroom to keep linen towels or to organise your cosmetics.
It is also perfect in a baby’s room because you can store creams and small items on a changing table .
When your baby becomes a child you can use it to store his pens & markers.
It is such a multipurpose object that never looses its use
To keep the product’s shiny look use a soft cloth & a non-alcoholic based cleaning product.