ANESA Tray | Mirror Mr&Mrs

ANESA Tray | Mirror Mr&Mrs


Size | 15 X 30 X 5cm
Details | Clear Tray 100% Plexiglas®,
Silver Mirror Plaque with Printed Black Wording

The ANESA tray is one of our classic products. It can be used in different ways around a house.
Like all our Plexiglas® products it is made of exceptional quality which makes it durable and aesthetically desirable.


The ANESA tray is one of our classic products. You can use it in different ways around your home.
It is a very practical object but you can also use it just for decorative reasons.
You can use it in a home entrance to put keys and sunglasses or in your office.
Great product to have in a bathroom to organise your cosmetics in style or next to your bed!
You can even serve a drink or appetizers. Perfect for a wedding gift!
To keep the product’s shiny look use a soft cloth & a non-alcoholic based cleaning product.
It has a removable plaque for cleaning purposes.