ANESA Tray “Good Vibes”

ANESA Tray “Good Vibes”


The ‘ANESA’ tray is one of our classic products. It can be used in different ways around a house.
Like all our Plexiglas® products it is made of exceptional quality which makes it durable and aesthetically desirable.
• To keep the product’s shiny look a soft cloth & non- alcoholic based cleaning product is recommended
• Both decorative and functional
• Removable plaque for cleaning purposes
• Great for serving appetizers and drinks. Useful to organize an office. Can also be positioned in a home entrance to put keys and sunglasses or in a bathroom to organize your cosmetics. Decorative piece on a coffee table


Black Filter Tray, Mirror Plaque

Size: 15cm x30cm x5cm

Printed White Wording

100% Plexiglas®