DORETE Tray | Protect My Flag 1821-2021

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"KOKU Concept explores symbols and colours with an element of humor. Clean and fresh lines represent the aesthetic & philosophy of the brand combined with the traditional symbols that are reflected in this anniversary collection.
Blue & white of the Greek flag, red and black that represent the struggles are the colours that dominate the collection. One of the most distinctive symbols that the brand always incorporates in its products is the eye integrated in a playful way on the 'tsarouchi', a characteristic element of the Greek traditional costume." 
Maria & Ilena

The ‘DORETE’ tray is one of our classic offerings. A place to put bits and pieces to make finding them easy. 

Our fun way to mark our country's 200 years of independence.

  • Size: 20x20x5cm
  • Clear tray, White plaque
  • Printed Design 'Protect my Flag'
  • 100% Plexiglas®
  • Handmade in Greece

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